Announcement of Acquisition of Specialty Advisors Effective April 30, 2013

The Bureau is pleased to announce the acquisition of Specialty Advisors, LLC. Specialty Advisors, LLC has alliances with niche professional service firms in the tax, accounting, finance, customs and other “specialty” practice areas.

Our acquisition of Specialty Advisors, LLC extends our product offering to provide additional support for our clients’ and allows us to present property tax solutions to a broader range of companies. We are encouraged by the opportunity to expand and focus on our services with our relationship with Specialty Advisors, in addition we are eager to be in a position to answer a common question our clients traditionally ask, which is “what else can you do for us?”.

Effective May 1, 2013 the former owners of Specialty Advisors, LLC Dennis Forte and Greg Mangel joined the National Bureau. Dennis and Greg will serve as Regional Business Managers focusing on business development and relationship management in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Bureau has worked with Dennis and Greg to mutually refer business for the past 15 years. They will continue to introduce us to their tax and financial contacts throughout the U.S.A. We anticipate that our existing clients can benefit from some of the niche financial services provided by the companies that Specialty Advisors represents.

For more information on Property Tax services and other value-added services, please contact Lloyd Bettis at 312-861-4272; or email at or visit our websites at and