Proactive approach that resolves most assessments informally, often avoiding lengthy appeals and legal fees

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We have strong local knowledge and expertise but also provide a national perspective with experience in all 50 states.Plus, we have the backing of over 60 affiliated appraisal offices around the U.S. through Integra Realty Resources.

Our goal is to minimize your Real Estate and/or Personal Property tax liability by proactively negotiating your assessed values with the local assessing authorities. We want to make sure that you only pay your fair share of taxes.

Our commitment to fixed-fee, multi-year relationships, which increases our credibility with assessing authorities and uniquely positions us to act proactively on your behalf… the best value with the least risk. However, we can be flexible if you have a preference for contingency fees.

Our solutions assist you in lowering your property tax bill. Each solution is a focused tool geared towards a particular set of circumstances. After your Complimentary Analysis, we'll determine the most effective tools for your situation.

Our team of property tax experts has created the "Proactive Tax Solution" to help its clients minimize real and personal property taxes by resolving issues early.

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