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Our 10 Step Process

To maximize your tax savings, the Bureau believes in the concept of “planning our work and working our plan”.  Therefore, we have a formal “10 Step Process” to assure each assignment is handled consistently and our quality standards are maintained regardless of property type or geographic location.

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Step 1: Understand

1 As you think about a specific property tax issue, consider this: if we were talking again three years from today, what would you want to happen for you to be happy with your progress on resolving a problem at a particular location?

We’ve developed the ProActive Property Tax Solution to generate favorable valuations. We can help you minimize real and personal property taxes by resolving issues early, quietly, and favorably—before they become problems. We start by looking at where you are now so we can fully understand where you want to be.

Step 2: Assess

2 We find that our clients want to pay only their fair share of the tax load, but they are wary about the negative public relations that traditionally accompany the property tax appeals process. Our clients are concerned with maintaining a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with the community in which they do business and live.

Our proactive approach focuses on resolving issues before unfavorable assessments ever occur. We utilize our relationships with clients and assessors, to steer the assessment process from the outset. We provide assessors with relevant information and resources to support their proposed valuation. If our analysis finds your taxes equitable, we will proceed no further and charge no fee for our services.

Step 3: Perform

3 During the on-site inspection process, we gather more detailed information about your properties. We identify the particular characteristics of your facilities, identify possible roadblocks to achieving your vision, and we identify the opportunities for savings that your unique location presents.

Step 4: Develop

4Our ProActive Property Tax Solution is comprised of the robust methods we have developed during our decades of property tax expertise. We use the ProActive Property Tax Solution to ensure that you pay only your fair share of taxes—while maintaining your standing as an excellent corporate citizen. We stress an educative, cooperative, and mutually beneficial approach to dealing with assessing authorities. By contrast, our competitors often adopt a combative, litigious approach that alienates both the assessing authorities and the community at large.

Step 5: Design

5 Once we have defined our strategies and the specific tools we need to implement them, we design a ProActive Property Tax Plan for your business. This action plan gets you on track with your property taxes and your vision for the future, and identifies potential roadblocks and concerns. We plan ahead to identify and resolve issues before they become problems.

Step 6: Identify

6 We identify the initial steps on the road to equitable valuations and a fair tax load. In particular, we identify the assessment authorities with whom we will initiate a dialogue and negotiations, and the information we need to provide to them.

Step 7: Build

7 The next step is to identify and assemble the team needed to implement your ProActive Property Tax Plan. We get the right people on board at the plan's inception, so we are ready for all contingencies. It is particularly important at this stage to identify the people in your organization who have intimate knowledge of your properties, such as building engineers and maintenance managers.

Step 8: Implement

8 With your ProActive Property Tax Team in place, we implement the ProActive Property Tax Plan—with your long-term goals and your desire to maintain a healthy relationship with your community in mind.

The ProActive Property Tax Plan focuses on resolving issues before unfavorable assessments ever occur. We develop an amicable, cooperative, and mutually-beneficial relationship with assessing authorities. We provide them with relevant information and resources to support their proposed valuation.

Step 9: Confirm

9 We review the results and tax savings with you, and confirm that the assessment is enrolled. Our relationship extends well beyond any single assessment. We work with you over the long-term as you, your organization, and your goals grow and change.

Step 10: Next Steps

10 The word "relationship" is key—ours is not a one-off business deal. Our multi-year agreements allow us to work with you over time. We identify new action steps as your business grows and develops—helping you to achieve your vision for the future of your business. Together we tackle the new challenges and new opportunities for tax savings as they arise.

This relationship is one that evolves over time. We strive to avoid the kinds of problems that our competitors make their living fixing. Rather than react to a problem, we proactively engage your full range of property tax concerns, helping you to achieve your organizational goals.

Our team of tax professionals incorporates each step of this proven process throughout the entire process.

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