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Personal Property

We analyze your current personal property locations, check for over-assessments, determine the availability of refunds, and then establish a corrected filing basis for more equitable returns in the future. Typical issues to address include: obsolescence, depreciation, classification, situs, duplicate assignments, utilization, intangibles, exemptions and ghost assets.

Services Include:

  • Thorough study and review of your property (may include on-site inspections)
  • Provide assistance in preparation of your returns
  • File all necessary tax returns, schedules and other reports
  • Conduct all negotiations and make any required appearances before the tax authorities
  • Take appropriate protest initiatives as are indicated by annual analysis, and determine that the proper assessed valuation has been resolved and entered on the tax roll.

Personal Property Audits

We minimize exposure at the time of an audit to either reduce the supplemental tax bill or generate a refund. We offset taxes on unreported assets by documenting over-valuation in other areas. We address many of the same issues described above under ProActive Personal Property Filing and Reverse Audit.

Property Tax Compliance Administration

We become part of your tax team, relieving your staff of the compliance burden associated with real and personal property taxes and manages all procedural and filing requirements related to your real and property taxes. This is tailored to your individual need and may include:

  • Analyzing property to ascertain any tax reduction opportunities
  • Tracking the timing for reassessments and revaluations
  • Reviewing the fixed asset, leased asset, inventory and construction in progress listings for
 each location for proper inclusion and/or classification
  • Preparing and timely filing of required renditions and statements
  • Reviewing resultant tax bills for accuracy and validity
  • Providing status reports on a periodic and timely basis
  • Maintaining historical files on all properties
  • Changes in cost basis caused by mergers or acquisitions may trigger higher real and personal property taxes

We help the assessor distinguish between property tax value and your federal tax basis to save you money on your property taxes. 

If you lack the time or resources for special documentation projects regarding: pollution control exempt assets, ghost assets, obsolescence issues, cost segregation, sale/lease back ramifications, site selection, idle allowances, or litigation support, for example, we can help. With the Special Project Documentation Solution, we tackle important technical, documentation projects that save you money on property taxes.

Our team of State & Local tax experts has created the "Proactive Tax Solution" to help its clients minimize  taxes by resolving issues early.

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