State Tax Entitlement

For over 20 years, our time-tested and proven methodology has been providing
both refunds and an annuity which enhance our clients’ bottom line.

Approach and Benefits of NBPA State Tax Entitlement Service:


NBPA identifies specific companies throughout the U.S. which qualify for this opportunity.  Our research is completed using public information filed with the SEC and other publicly available sources of information.  This data is compared to other companies where there is consistency in financial fact patterns leading to a specific dollar amount to be refunded.

Client Analysis

NBPA will complete our analysis by plugging in information specific to our clients’ opportunity.  Once the analysis is complete, we provide a written report containing the necessary details for the client to make the final decision on how best to maximize the opportunity.  After the decision is made to proceed by the client, we will provide the signature-ready claim package.

Contingency Fees

Our fee is performance based and only goes into effect after our client receives the cash benefit.  There are no out-of-pocket costs, and our clients only pay our fee when the service renders a cash benefit.

No Risk

There is no fee unless the service provides a cash benefit.  In addition, our clients make the final decision to move forward with the opportunity or not.  If there is a decision to not move forward with the refund opportunity, there is no fee due to NBPA.

Future Savings & Ongoing Support

NBPA provides a refund opportunity based on the jurisdiction’s open period for recovery.  In addition, NBPA’s methodology will provide our clients with a means for ongoing savings using our approach.  NBPA has maintained relationships with all of our clients to ensure savings are properly taken advantage of each subsequent year.  This additional support is at no cost to our clients.

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